About DOOR

DOOR-India has been assisting the members of the Deaf Community in India since 1999, with a goal to train and mobilize Deaf people in becoming leaders in the community, workplace, and home. DOOR-India began research among the Deaf Community in India, locating them, studying their language, understanding their learning process, and accessing their needs. As the dedicated volunteers of DOOR-India met with likeminded Deaf people, they found a lack in quality leadership training among the Deaf in India.

In each community where Deaf people were located, the Deaf people expressed the same aspiration – to gather together in one place for the opportunity to gain from each other the skills required to be leaders. Such an institute would enable the Deaf to develop programs, set up businesses, organize teams, solve problems or apply ethics and values to their daily life.

Sign Language

Through research, DOOR-India learned that the Deaf in India, like the Deaf worldwide, do not have a written language. Their heart language – Sign Language – is a three-dimensional, rich and full communication that is based on non-literate learning and teaching principles. Their learning process tends to be in an “A to Z” order as they are concrete relational thinkers; they learn and teach through gesture and signed pictorial concepts.

Deaf people learn best through narrative (storytelling). This means they best learn by seeing stories taught in signed languages. In India it is ISL (Indian Sign Language) that is used by the DOOR-India trainers. Deaf people also enjoy learning in a group setting where they are able to learn from each member’s experiences and understanding of the material.